The world’s smartest muscle performance & recovery tool

PowerDot 採⽤用 EMS (肌⾁肉電刺激器)技術, 是⼀一種穿戴式輔助裝置,利⽤用無線智慧型⼿手機,在 Android 或 iOS 系統下均可操控

Perform Better
  • Increase muscle strength

  • Increase muscle size & density

  • Increase muscle endurance

  • Activate Type 1 & Type 2 muscle fibers

  • Improve overall muscle performance

Recover Faster
  • Increase blood circulation

  • Flush out lactic acid

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Release knots in muscle

  • Improve overall muscle recovery

Smart TENS™
  • Target specific pain & body part

  • Set your personal pain score

  • A specialized program is created to address your pain

  • Track your individual pain score over time

  • Relieve pain with no prescriptions

  • 增加肌肉力量

  • 增加肌肉大小和密度

  • 增加肌肉耐力

  • 激活1型和2型肌纖維

  • 改善整體肌肉表現

  • 增加血液循環

  • 沖洗掉乳酸

  • 減輕炎症

  • 釋放肌肉中的結

  • 改善整體肌肉恢復

Smart TENS™
  • 針對特定的疼痛和身體部位

  • 設置您的個人疼痛評分

  • 創建了專門的程序來解決您的痛苦

  • 隨時間追踪您的個人疼痛評分

  • 無需處方即可緩解疼痛

PowerFul & Pain-free

Proprietary symmetrical biphasic waveform creates a more powerful yet pain-free muscle contraction.

Fast & Easy Setup

Magnetic snaps allow you to get to stimulating your muscles 3x faster. Compact case for recovery on the go.

Rechargeable Battery

Connect to any USB port to recharge pods. Extended battery life for up to 20 hours of continuous stimulation.

Refund and Return:

  • Refund and return are not accepted for PowerDot​ unless defective

  • To be eligible for a refund, your item must be in its original packaging, include all accessories, and proof of purchase. Refund will be issued once the item has been received and inspected. If a product is not in the original condition, a fee may apply.

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